Dr Andrew Tivendale – Osteopath

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). Born and bred on the Surf Coast, Andrew has spent nearly a decade gallivanting around the world on all modes of transport – in vans, on bicycles and motorbikes, even on horseback! His journey has now brought him full circle to Osteopathy and life back on the Surf Coast.

Andrew is a passionate and enthusiastic Osteopath who enjoys treating patients of all ages. One of the many things he cherishes about Osteopathy is the holism of the practice and how it addresses all aspects of health. He loves the opportunity to talk to his patients about all aspects of their health to help them to achieve their current goals. Andrew has a strong background in sports injuries and rehabilitation, and loves the challenge of returning an athlete to peak performance.

Andrew’s patients love his friendly and down to earth style and structural osteopathic approach. He is a passionate advocate of health and movement and practices yoga regularly as well as loving surfing and all things two-wheels!