Is there a difference between Clinical Pilates and Pilates?

Yes, Clinical pilates is individually designed for your clinical condition- ranging from posture issues, low back pain, knee pain, neck pain etc. It involves supervised exercise on mats and/or on equipment. Pilates in a group/gym setting is designed for individuals without any underlying medical or musculoskeletal conditions, but as a form of exercise, to generally improve their core strength and fitness.

Do I have to have an injury to do Clinical Pilates?

No, many people (men and women!) use it as their weekly exercise because it is a great way to tone abdominal and gluteal muscles. It also improves posture and decreases the chance of recurring injuries.

Can any age do Pilates?

Whilst there is no fixed age for doing Pilates; at BAHG we recommend it for people over the age of 16 years.  If for any reason you would like a child under 16 to do Pilates with us please speak to our Pilates-trained Osteopaths. We do not have an age limit at the other end of the spectrum, but for those over 75 years we would also recommend you speak to our clinical staff prior to booking any sessions.

How long do I have to do Pilates to get benefit?

As all good things take time we recommend a period of 8-10 weeks at least to start seeing a significant difference. Most people will get significant benefit from just one session per week, however you can do more. We also prescribe specific mat exercises that you can do at home (and we’ll send you an email with those in digital format including videos – so there’s no “I lost my exercise sheet” excuse!)

What do I wear to a Pilates session?

It is recommended you wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing to Pilates assessments and classes.  We also require you to wear socks (preferably non-slip).  * GripSox are available for purchase from reception for $15.00.

Can I claim Clinical Pilates on my private health insurance?

Pilates programs are claimable through many private health insurers under a ‘wellbeing’ or ‘healthier lifestyle’ policy. We recommend you check directly with your Fund before you commence Pilates at BAHG. Some insurers require your Osteopath or GP to complete a ‘referral’ form. The initial assessment and solo session may be claimable via our HICAPS facility, but group sessions will need to be paid for upfront and then claimed back from the health fund.

Can I bring children into the Pilates Studio?

We do not allow any children in the Pilates studio as observers of a parent/guardian.  We see it as an unnecessary risk to the child should they be tempted to use or play with the equipment.  It is also distracting to the parent/guardian, instructor, and other group members and potentially detracts from what all participants are aiming to achieve in a session.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, as our classes have limited numbers (maximum of 4 people) you are required to make an appointment.Before joining a class you will need to attend an initial assessment and then a solo session.

Why do I need to have an assessment?

At BAHG we appreciate that everybody is an individual and no clinical condition is exactly the same. For this reason we require all patients to undergo a one-hour assessment (even if you’ve seen our Osteopaths before, or done Pilates somewhere else in the past). During the initial consultation, the Osteopath will address particular concerns/goals, perform a physical assessment and run through the basic Pilates principles.

Following the assessment the Osteopath will design an individual program including a home exercises (which will be emailed to you with videos and explanations).

Prior to joining a group 1:4 class every person must complete at least 1 individual (solo) class to introduce the Pilates equipment and exercises.

NOTE: as everyone is different we do not specify how many individual classes must be done prior to joining a class.

Why do I have to prepay for Pilates Packages?

Paying for all classes in advance helps us run an efficient service. You have 2 options when you buy a package:

  1. Prepay and prebook all your sessions – great option to achieve your Pilates goals! You are guaranteed your preferred session(s) each week. Minimal changes are allowable to this schedule (but we do understand that sometimes this is unavoidable).  24 hour notice of any change or cancellation is still required.
  2. Prepay for your package and book as you go – our most flexible option for those who cannot plan too far ahead. You can book with us online anytime, or at reception.  We still require 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation of a booked session.

If you require an invoice/receipt to claim a rebate from a private health insurer we can have it ready for you at the end of each session.

Note: You do not need to pay in advance for your initial 1:1 Pilates assessment.  

Why are there expiry dates on packages (for bulk purchases) for Pilates?

Expiry dates exist for a few reasons.   It helps us plan our schedule of classes by having everyone plan and pre-book their preferred class times. Deadlines also help keep you to task, and therefore more likely achieve your goals. You can discuss which package option (i.e. how many weeks or months you are planning to do Pilates) might best suit you with your Pilates Instructor when you commence your program.

What if I miss or cancel a class? 

We recommend that you book your Pilates class at the same time each week, because history tells us that routine helps us reach goals in therapy, rehabilitation, and exercise (and most other things in life).

We do however understand that sometimes plans change…… so you are free to change a booked class with 24 hours notice, once within any 8 week period.  Less than 24 hours notice will mean the class is lost.

We ask that all group Pilates classes are paid for in advance.  See our Pricing page for details